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Yash, a rich and esteemed business tycoon, yearns for real love. While he falls in love with Neha, the journey ahead is not going to be an easy one for him. Will he be able to win Neha's heart?

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  1. Tejashri wel done sanju Arekar

    Tejashri wel done sanju Arekar

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  2. Prathmesh Padalwar

    Prathmesh Padalwar

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  3. Jayashree Chavan

    Jayashree Chavan

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  4. Shanta Kenkre

    Shanta Kenkre

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    Neha ha character Partanana sobaht aahe.

  5. Home Maker's Orbit

    Home Maker's Orbit

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  6. Nana Zagade

    Nana Zagade

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  7. Mahesh Kasare

    Mahesh Kasare

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    Very nice video

  8. Satvika


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    The actress potraying Shefali trys to imitate Maddy.

  9. Madhura's Kitchen

    Madhura's Kitchen

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