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Nine friends decide to have a reunion at a deserted house, little knowing that one of them has a devious plan that could turn fatal.

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  1. Ladyblog•unofficial


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    I have been watching Marathi serials for a long time now...I was honestly tired of romantic serials...we needed a new genre...this serial has an amazing storyline, the creators aren't wasting time on unnecessary scenes...the story is going at pace...it's a very underrated serial...I hope that us Marathi people will appreciate such serials more because serials like these are amazing and ACTUALLY entertain the viewers...this could be an unpopular opinion but this serial beats many storylines used in Hollywood horror movies 😄

  2. Prathmesh Padalwar

    Prathmesh Padalwar

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    New marathi movie teaser Potteshai🔥 inblow.info/load/f6WceZqSrsfXrZk/vhi-i

  3. Wavdhane Wavdhane

    Wavdhane Wavdhane

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